Christine Chatterton

To see Nature is to see the Hand of God.
To Love is to feel the Heart of God.
  1. Courage of the Heart: Courage of the Heart
    This book is available through Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and most other book sellers. If you want a signed copy, please contact me directly.It is available in hardback, paperback, and e-book,
  2. Samuel's Alphabet Zoo
    I am currently taking orders for a reprinting of this book. If you would like to order one, contact me directly and I will place the order and sign the book for you.
  3. Alphabet Zoo Poster
    If you would like a quality poster, I have Alphabet Zoo posters available. You may also order from me a personalized poster with your child's name and I will get it printed individually.
  4. Photography Images
    I will change images monthly. You can also contact me to see if I have a picture of interest to you. Use of the images may be purchased for $3.00, I will send you the image through e-mail attachment.
  5. Jewelry made by request
    Jewelry pictured is available for purchase. I can also make you a single or multistrand necklace of your choice in stone, pearl, czech crystals, or art glass in the length of your choice. Contact me directly.
  6. New Books and Art Works
    I will be adding paintings and other artworks in the future on this site. Not available at this time. I am currently finishing a new book called "The Kids on Ford Street".
  7. Book Readings and Signing
    I am available to share this book with your group or bookstore along with artifacts and information on the Great War and on Maurice and Haidee's life. This book is a unique book since it is based on the letters written during the War.
  8. Writer's Workshops
    I have learned many things in the course of writing these books. I will be happy to help you learn from my experiences especially in researching for historical fiction, memoirs, and writing and Illustrating Children's books. As a retired teacher, I will be able to make writing understandable.
  9. Reviewing and Editing
    An English teacher is a constant editor. If you are looking for someone to help you format and edit your book, feel free to contact me.