Christine Chatterton

To see Nature is to see the Hand of God.
To Love is to feel the Heart of God.
Author and Poet
As a teacher for almost thirty years of Reading and Writing Improvement, I enjoyed the opportunity to see students grow and develop their own creativity and skills. Now, as a retired teacher, I am enjoying writing, composing poetry, painting, and crafting jewelry.  I also visit classes teaching a variety of history and science topics to children.  I always look forward to visiting book clubs and writing workshops.​
Artist and Photographer
I am not a professional photographer or artist, but my husband and I love to travel.  I have always had a passion for nature and for art. My photographs and art reflect that interest. I enjoy ink and pastel drawing and watercolor painting. I also enjoy making jewelry with natural and faceted gemstones, crystal, pearls, historical beads including ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Trade beads.​
About ​Books
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Art, Photographs, & Jewelry
Courage of the Heart:
An American Odyssey 1915 to1923

A true historical narrative of World War 1 based on the letters found in the house of my husband's grandmother after her death.  This is an odyssey of courage, hardship, war, illness, and finally survival and a love that endured.

Samuel's Alphabet Zoo

A children's alphabet book originally written and illustrated for my grandson.
In the book, Samuel lives in a zoo; an alphabet zoo. He invites his friend to meet and learn about all the animals in the zoo.

Not yet Published
The Kids on Ford Street:
Growing Up in the Motor City

I live in Southern California and am available to visit your bookclub, bookstore, writing workshop, or classroom.  I am also available for book readings and signings.
I am especially interested in helping writers to learn some of the tips I have had to learn to write historical fiction or memoirs.

The Gallery  includes images related to the books I have written.

We love to travel and I have  included some photographs, and paintings for your enjoyment and which are available for use or purchase. 
I also have some of my handcrafted jewelry which is available to purchase.
Kirkstone Pass to Scotland
     Christine's Chat.......................My Blog  ​​
I would love to share reviews of my books. I would appreciate your input. At 63 years old, this is a new chapter in my life and I am rather naively dancing my way through it.  I would love to include your thoughts, poetry, and remembrances along with mine on my blog. You can contact me discretely on my Contact page above.
Please feel free to read and enjoy my musing. This is my nature diary. If you double click on a day's blog, it will open that blog fully and you can write a comment on it.